Sunday, December 11, 2011

To explain the photos below.... ha.
Dillon is in a culinary chemistry class learning how to cook and why we use certain ingredients. I love that he is learning how to
become a better cook!

Dillon also worked at his Grandpa Bobs nursery all summer... LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!!! Now thats a hard worker!

For my birthday this year Dillon got me a road bike! Ohhhh I love it however... I have already managed to crash on it :(

We were able to go see BEN JOHN & PETER do the vine man
in San Francisco OHHHH how fun it was. Ben actually took 9th place
and finished in a record 9hrs and 33 min. What a stud.
Peter and John finished in the 13th hour. It made me feel so lazy to just watch
them all day. But, ohhh what an accomplishment. How fun it was to see them finish something
so daunting. PS we dragged Bens $8,000 bike off the end of my dads car not knowing. It turned out okay
just the handle bars were scraped up a bit. But Bens reaction to it was all to priceless. ha ha ha

WOW does time fly.... Heres what we have been up to...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So I am a terrible blogger... But I am going to try and be better!
This Pioneer day we did some fun boating with the Jensens. Here
are some highlights of the trip. Mary and Spencer came and so did
our friends Sam and Stephanie Hale. Of course Clint and Sally
make it a scrumptious (literally) day on the lake from wake boarding,
surfing, and slaloming it was a beautiful fun field day!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maryland and DC with the Jensens and Foulgers!

Dillon and I got to go see his sister Anne Marie and her
husband Matt in their beautiful DC home for the week
before Christmas and Christmas Morning. It was SOOOOOO fun!
Matt and Annie were so gracious to take us around to
the tourist sights that I am sure they have seen a million
times. We got to see seriously EVERYTHING there is
to see in Maryland and Washington DC Thanks Foulgers
for an amazing trip and memories we will remember

We had a blast in the natural history museum! I think you can tell...
Dillons relative on the fallen soldier wall
LINCOLN! Oh what a great man!

Enjoying the art in the famous Art history museum... Dillon had way to much fun in their.

I think this home rivals chevy chase.... However, we will give chevy chase the benefit of the doubt because i dont think that blow up toys were invented in his day!

The Berlin wall
Nap town!
American History Museum!
Oh sweet Maggie Dog! She loved her Christmas I think more than I loved mine! And
that says A LOT!

Cute Anne Marie and me in Nap Town

Ok I Have been looking through all of our pictures for one with Sally and Clint in them and I have non. I think they were the loving ones taking many of our Pictures. So hopefully they know how much fun we had with them in DC as well! WE LOVE YOU!

The Jensens First Christmas!

Our First Christmas was amazing. Dillon and I had fun decorating the tree
and creating the Christmas spirit in our new home and developing new
Jensen family traditions. Dillon got all of this much needed tools and
Dillon surprised me with some black boots I really wanted and some
fun cooking things. It was an over all amazing christmas and new year.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well Dillon and I are finally getting to the time where we can
actually upload all the pictures from our camera and share our
Wonderful married experiences with those we love. So....
here is a little taste of the fun we had in Hawaii on our honeymoon. :)
This is a Luau we went to which was all you can eat... It was delicious!!!
This is a beautiful view we stopped at over on the west shore. It was SO green!
Gotta Love Dog The Bounty Hunter... Dillon made us walk many blocks aimlessly to find this building. For this smile... I think it was well worth it!
Pearl Harbor
The Mountains of Kauai= BEAUTIFUL!

Thursday, December 2, 2010